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Baby Goat Yoga Classes

Goat Yoga Classes

Esham Family Farm began hosting Goat Yoga Classes in June of 2018. Our classes are offered on our farm with our beautiful friendly goats and their cuddly babies. 
Classes are taught by experienced Yoga Instructors. 
Baby Goat Yoga classes are either indoor or outdoor depending on the weather. During the hour class there will be goats free roaming in class with you. Baby goats climb on you in different poses throughout the class. Our heated indoor facility houses the classes with the goats when the weather doesn't permit us to be outside. Check out our pictures of all of our fun classes in our photo gallery! Your Yoga will never be the same once you have tried Baby Goat Yoga!

The class schedule is on our schedule tab so that you can choose when to come to your Baby Goat Yoga Class. 
Classes will be up to 13 people evenings and weekends. We offer group and private classes. We love to celebrate birthdays, bachelorette parties, retreats and more. We also travel with in 30 miles of our farm to share baby goat yoga with your group or association. Contact us for more information.
Baby Goats Enjoying Yoga

Class Prices & Information

Drop-in classes are only $25.00 per person. 
We highly recommend that you contact us ahead of time as we need to schedule our instructors to insure they are available for class. You can contact us via Email, Text, Messenger on Facebook or Phone.

Pre-registered classes are $20 per person. 
Bring a friend with you and save $5 per person. We offer discounts for multiple class registrations. We also offer a punch card for additional discounts for our clients who want to practice Baby Goat Yoga with us on a regular basis. Book your class today!

Here's a few pointers for a Baby Goat Yoga experience that you will always remember!

     * Wear comfortable cotton clothes - if we are indoor our barn temperature is approximately 55 degrees - if we are outdoor t-shirts are recommended as tank tops expose skin that can be scratched when goats are climbing on you.
     * We suggest you wear long hair up as goats love to nibble on anything that dangles.
     * We also suggest all jewelry be left at home. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets are all items that goats will want to nibble on.
     * We provide mats - due to the unique environment we have mats you can use. You are welcome to bring yours but it will get dirty.
     *  Must have for this yoga class is a camera and friends!
     * You are welcome to bring drinks but goats are curious about everything!
     * We do have a place where you can change your clothes if your coming from work or are planning on going out afterwards.
     * Any other questions feel free to contact us! We hope to see you soon!!