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Goat to Zoom Virtual Meeting Guests

You are home but your schedule is this Zoom meeting at 11 am and a Google Hangout 1 pm and that House Party gathering with family at 6 pm. Would you like to add something different to those interactions with friends family and co-workers? How about goats? We have Mamma goats and Baby goats just waiting to meet you and make memories with you. We work with different platforms to make your meeting memorable!

We have lots of great virtual options for you and your family or company!

  • Private Tours - this is a tour of our farm with our animals. This opportunity is four to ten people only $5 per person. We will work with you on setting the tour up, a time and a date. Then we will send you the link after you have paid for your tour via a square invoice emailed to you.
  • Corporate or Family Meeting Guests - this is an opportunity for you to lighten up your corporate virtual meeting and give your employees something fun to talk about. Send us your meeting link and our goats will be apart of your meeting for up to 20 minutes. This is just a video feed during your meeting. Meeting are kept private as we do not connect to audio during these meetings. For only $45 we can make your meeting memorable!
  • Corporate or Family Meeting Tours - this tour is unlimited for your employees or family members to enjoy our farm animals and learn about what we do. This meeting is only $90 we will work with you to set the date and time. You will send us the link and we will share our farm and animals with you! 
  • Virtual Goat Yoga Classes - Are you missing our classes? Would you like to see our baby goats more? This will be a 20 min class of at least 10 people enjoying to antics of our baby goats. These classes are only $5 per person!
  • Teachers - If you are looking for Virtual Field Trip Opportunities or Zoom Reading Guests please contact us. We will volunteer our time to engage your students learning through your distance learning program. 
  • Additional videos for kids can be found on our YouTube channel EshamFamilyFarm

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